New and Improved Blind Draw Tool

We've had the tool to shuffle teams for a blind draw for a really long time now.

You could shuffle the teams randomly, by a custom pattern like Male with a Female, balanced skills to make equal levelled teams or all possible teams.

This tool is used a lot during tournaments but it can be stressful because most of the time, you do this on the spot while players wait.

We wanted to make this more Error Proof and Friendlier for the tournament director.

A situation that occurred often was a tournament director that accepts more entries after the teams have already been shuffled, the process was complicated and lengthy. 😤

Now, once you've added more players, you go to Create Shuffled Teams and it will re-do your Blind Draw!!!! It erases the already created teams and creates brand new ones.

💥 Oh!!!  and new to the Shuffled teams, it also Fills up the bracket or re-fills the bracket at the same step if you want.

Here is how to use the Create Shuffled Teams tool.