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New Features - September 2015

New Features - September 2015 As always, we keep improving the website and mobile applications.  Here are our latest improvements. Silverlight be gone We have removed all dependencies on Silverlight.  This means that we have new pages for Continuous Play, Stats Model Editor and Best of Patterns.  These pages will be improved, but since Google Chrome ends support for Silverlight this month, we needed to get the pages out. Stats Model Editor Stats Model Editor has been splitted in 2 pages :  Stats Model Editor - this page is used to set the fields used for rankings and the ones to display on the stats pages. Stats / Standing Grouping - this page is used to create your stats template, for teams and singles, and assign which divisions and round-robins are used by the Stats Model Mobile Application improvements There is a new Search by League Operator (Charter), which allows you to show all teams or players for a league operator or charter holder. You can