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December 2022 Release

New features and upgrades, just in time for Christmas!

For our last release of the year, we brought so many cool changes our mobile app that it feels like Christmas already! Many of those upgrades are based on your precious opinion, and we are so thankful for your continuous support.

At the end of this post, you'll find the exhaustive list of new features and changes, but here's a list of the most relevant ones:

New Home Page

This is now the first screen you'll see when you launch the app. It contains a quick summary of your current/upcoming events, along with some links to helpful content such as your player profile and the search tools. Newcomers will now find it super easier to get started with the app!


The stats page has been completely redesigned and it now contains more information, better visuals and also includes new features. Among other things, it is now easier to switch between stats pages, select players/teams, and focus on Singles or Teams stats. We also added/modified several charts to better understand the evolution of players and teams in a division/league.


You know these videos that show the evolution of the most valuable companies over the years, or the artists that sold the most albums? We added them to CompuSport! Now you can easily visualize the evolution of all teams/players in a division. You can even select which value is used, whether it's Win %, Points For, Rank, CSR or any other stat. We also added some line charts and greatly improved existing ones.


We added a new page where you can see all the MVPs of a division/league. For now, it shows the top 5 improvements of the week for different values (e.g. rank or average), but we plan to add a lot more filters in the future. Stay tuned!

Match History

The history of a player/team can now be displayed using a card layout that clearly highlights the winner of each match, along with special feats like a table run in a game of pool.


This Premium feature has been completely redesigned. We added lots of visual elements to help you figure out who's the best within couple of seconds. Do you see more orange or blue in the page? That'll tell you who's the best between those 2 players.


The advanced search is now available for everyone, not just premium users. This allows you to easily search for players, events or operators!

And browsing for an event is a lot easier now! You can filter by sport, find events close to you by State, or only those organized by your league operator. More filters to come soon!

Player Profile

The player profile now shows all the current, upcoming, and recent events at the top for quick access.

Complete changelog

There are so many other interesting changes and features that you will observe by using the app, or by checking out our new changelog which will always be kept up to date for new versions.

It doesn't stop here!

We are always innovating and listening to the feedback of our clients, so send us your ideas and suggestions! We already have cool stuff planned for early next year!

That's all for now! We hope you enjoy this new release, and we wish you all the best for the end of the year.

See you in 2023!


  1. Im wondering why I paid for a premium membership just to play in this upcoming WCC TOURNY? MY name dont even come up on a search yet. I cant test anything out I guess until someone flips a switch or what?


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