Since the release of our new player's app, we are carefully reading your comments and taking note of your constructive criticism. We realize that there are some things that are difficult to do and that the app is generally quite complex to use.

This is why, for weeks, we have been working every day to improve things and to make the use in general easier and more intuitive. With the release of this new update, we believe your experience will be greatly improved. Some things have changed, so it is possible that at first glance, you will be a little lost.

So here is a summary of the main changes:

Switching between you and another player

To view the content of another player or a team in the app, simply expand the player or team selection menu. You will then have access to all the players and teams that you follow or that you have added to your favorites.

After making your selection, you will see the content of that player or team. To view your own content, expand the player or team selection menu again and select your profile.

Filter for Matches & Schedules

Another feature that was brought back, is being able to filter schedules and matches. No more scrolling around to find what you want. You can simply select, among other things, a division and / or a date. Added is a filter by location (bar) due to a popular demand.

You're always in the context of an event

The first thing you do when logging in is to select an event (same concept as the old app 😉). Once you've chosen an event, no matter what page you navigate to, you'll always stay in context.

You can quickly switch between your favorite events using the event selection menu. This menu offers all the events you have registered for or have recently attended. If you have chosen to display the content of another player or a team, it is the events of this player or this team that you will see in this menu.

Either way, you can always choose to browse all events on CompuSport.

Improved player comparison

It's extremely easy to compare yourself to another player with our premium plan. Simply select a player in your current league or tournament or from the search, then hit the “Compare” button and that's it! You can now compare your stats.

Among other things, you'll be able to :
  • Analyze your results
  • Consult the history of games played
  • Compare yourself with a player even if you never played against him

To see all the details about our new player comparison features, please check this article

Easier access to your Pins, Favorites & Follow Friend

What's the difference might you ask yourself?!?!?!? 

    Pins are sections you want to quickly access later or view often, so you pin them to your profile page instead of having to find them each time. Whether it's the schedule of a particular division or the list of teams in your league, it's personal to you.

You can pin an unlimited amount of sections with our PREMIUM plan and 1 section with the FREE or ESSENTIALS plans.

Favorites are Players or Events you want to have accessible in your search. You "star" them and they will then appear in your drop down for players and events. And in search menus as well. Available with an ESSENTIALS Subscription.

Follow Friends is to receive notifications anytime the app has something to communicate about that player (results, brackets, schedules, opponent announcements, etc.) With an ESSENTIAL plan click on Follow Friend. You can manage your Followed Players in the Menu.

Stream live videos

You can now stream videos of your matches directly from the app . You can also access the public videos of other matches.