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New Features - 2014-11-06

We just added the following features

For the players :

  • In the charts, when you click a name, it highlights the complete path of this player
  • In Continuous Play, the surface number of the next match is displayed on the screen after a winner is scanned

For the managers :


  • All modifications you make are now highlighted in the edition popups
  • Selections are kept in the grids after editing

Continuous Play

  • The surface number of the next match is displayed on the screen after a winner is scanned

New Chart

  • Replacement for the Silverlight Chart, includes all the previous features
  • You can now do most tasks directly from the chart :
  • Edit a scoresheet
  • Edit a schedule
  • Edit the chart settings
  • Delete opponents, schedule and surfaces
  • Reprint match cards and vouchers
  • Replace a player or team
  • Add a new team or player
  • Change TBA to Bye and forward Bye
  • Search for a player/team from the searchbox in top right, select one, and it will show all the brackets that this player/team is in and navigate directly to it.

Score Keepers

  • You can now get the Score Keepers info from the Waiting Score Sheets
  • The second Captain's approval is now optional
  • Score keepers can now create players
  • You can select the status of each player in a team (regular, spare)

Custom Values

  • Added Division Custom Values 2 and 3, which can be displayed on match cards

We have also updated the main landing page and added pages with details for our tournament software and league software.

We hope that you will enjoy these changes.


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