Dashboard of Notifications for Tournament Directors and League Managers

There is always so much to think about when running a league or tournament. We figured it would be helpful to give you a dashboard to remind you about all those small details we tend to forget. 

This tool will notify you if it detects a forgotten step or details that may cause issues in the long run, like:

  • All about the Public Visibility (Event, Divisions, Brackets and Stats not public.)
  • All about the Brackets (not shuffled, no bracket for a division, bracket links not done etc.)
  • Scorekeeping not turned on;
  • Print & Scan tool not turned on;
  • Players and Teams not Active.
  • Match on hold;
  • Continuous Play (no surface or bracket active);
  • Schedule Attempt not accepted;
  • etc...
If you think of anything that could fit in the dashboard, don't hesitate to communicate them with us!

Let's see how this Dashboard works!

Options like Fix, Dismiss, Navigate To and See More will help you get those situations resolved.

🙋Why can't my players see the bracket on the app? 

    Is the bracket public!?

🙋Why does it say Read only on my player's scoresheets? 

    Is your Scorekeeping turned on?! Are your Players/Scorekeepers approved?!

🙋Why aren't players going into the final bracket?

    Are you brackets linked?!

And the list goes on!