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Find Out Who's The Best With Player Comparison

Hello, CompuSport Champions! Today, we're excited to dive into one of the most innovative features available in the CompuSport Player App: Player Comparison .  This feature, exclusive to our Premium subscribers, is a game-changer for anyone looking to get a comprehensive understanding of their performance and see how they measure against competitors. Let's break down why this feature is a must-have for every competitive player out there. Dive Deep into Your Performance Stats With the Player Comparison feature, delve into a nuanced analysis of your gameplay as it brings your statistics side by side with any player you select. This tool is tailored to ensure that you're not comparing apples to oranges; it's all about relevant, sport-specific metrics that truly matter and making meaningful comparisons that reflect your true skills and progress. Through a variety of categories, this feature offers a comprehensive way to analyze and understand your competitive standing from

December 2022 Release

New features and upgrades, just in time for Christmas! For our last release of the year, we brought so many cool changes our mobile app that it feels like Christmas already! Many of those upgrades are based on your precious opinion, and we are so thankful for your continuous support. At the end of this post, you'll find the exhaustive list of new features and changes, but here's a list of the most relevant ones: New Home Page This is now the first screen you'll see when you launch the app. It contains a quick summary of your current/upcoming events, along with some links to helpful content such as your player profile and the search tools. Newcomers will now find it super easier to get started with the app! Stats The stats page has been completely redesigned and it now contains more information, better visuals and also includes new features. Among other things, it is now easier to switch between stats pages, select players/teams, and focus on Singles or Teams stats. We also