April 12, 2016

New Feature : Embed Statistics in your website

Embed-able Statistics

You can now include your league or round-robin statistics into your website, blog or app.  It is always up to date, no need to upload a new pdf every week anymore!

Here is an example :

You can embed the stats for a pre-defined stats group, or you can include the drop-down so the user can select any stat group.

To embed your stats, go to Statistics Teams or Statistics Players and click on "Embed to your website".  Then copy the html into your website and you should be good to go!  To embed a single stat group, select it before clicking on "Embed to your website"!

Embed-able Brackets and Round-Robins

We added this feature a while ago, but here is a reminder that you can also embed a bracket or a round-robin into your website.

To embed your bracket or round-robin, go to Charts (Brackets/RRB), select the division and bracket you want to embed and click on "Embed to your website".  Then copy the html into your website and you should be good to go!

More things to embed?

Let us know if there are more things that you would like to embed, this will help us to prioritize them!

February 16, 2016

New Features January-February 2016

New Features January-February 2016

Features for Users

Facebook Login

It's never been easier to create an account with CompuSport. You can now use your Facebook login to sign up. Players will be able to add tournaments and leagues to their favorites, get notifications, etc. Easy ScoreKeeper sign ups. It is a one click access to your account.

Team Rosters

Anyone can access tournament results by clicking on a tournament and selecting Get results and brackets by divisions. Awards for players and teams is available. You can now see team rosters when checking out awards.

Features for Managers/Operators

Copying Events

You are having your 5th annual tournament!?!?! It's basically the same as last year!?!?! Let's save your some TIME. Managers can create events by copying past event information. Locations, Divisions, Brackets, Publicities, etc. can be copied from last year.
Go to Manage, Event, Create my Event, Choose a past event, Copy it, Change the necessary information, select the sections you want copied from your past event. and CREATE!!

For more information, contact us via email at info@compusport.us or by phone at 888-888-0206.
Visit CompuSport https://compusport.us

December 18, 2015

New Features September to December 2015

Here are our latest improvements as we are constantly developing and improving. You can also get updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Features for League Operators 

Player Sanctions

An interesting tool for a league operator is the Player Sanctions available for Leagues. You can sanction players and add the date they were sanctioned. You can even see if they were sanctioned with another Charter.

Report Builder

A league operator can now create his own reports. You can choose which sections you want on your report, which stats to show, change stat titles, the font size, the page breaks, etc... Almost everything is editable... except for the actual stats of course!!!!!

Players will then have access to these reports by going to General, Reporting.

Interesting Features for everyone!!!

Mobile Application Search Tool

We added a search bar on the mobile application that allows players/followers to type in the name of the event they are looking for rather than scrolling down.

Mobile and Desktop Favorites Tool

We now have a "Favorites" section. When you're on the mobile application or logged in on your desktop, you can click on the Star to make the event fall under your favorites section. This way your events will always be on top.

Floating Spares

Players are looking for a Floating Spare to replace someone on their team? We now have a section to show the list of floating spares. (Floating Spares aren't assigned to a specific team, they are subs for any team).

 Weekly Stats

Available under Statistics/Standings, you now have access to Weekly Stats.

Did you know....

  • That during a tournament you can choose to Scan winners only OR Scan and enter scores/wins? You can even have players Scan or Scan and enter wins/scores.
  • That if you want to change the email you use to log in with, you can? Simply click on your name at the top right when logged in and change the email associated to your login.
  • That you can have your players enter their scoresheets? Scorekeepers can fill out scoresheets by having a scorekeeper account.
For more information, contact us via email at info@compusport.us or by phone at 888-888-0206.
Visit CompuSport at https://compusport.us

The CompuSport team would like to send you warm wishes and a safe holiday season!!!!

September 11, 2015

New Features - September 2015

New Features - September 2015

As always, we keep improving the website and mobile applications.  Here are our latest improvements.

Silverlight be gone

We have removed all dependencies on Silverlight.  This means that we have new pages for Continuous Play, Stats Model Editor and Best of Patterns.  These pages will be improved, but since Google Chrome ends support for Silverlight this month, we needed to get the pages out.

Stats Model Editor

Stats Model Editor has been splitted in 2 pages : 
  • Stats Model Editor - this page is used to set the fields used for rankings and the ones to display on the stats pages.
  • Stats / Standing Grouping - this page is used to create your stats template, for teams and singles, and assign which divisions and round-robins are used by the Stats Model

Mobile Application improvements

There is a new Search by League Operator (Charter), which allows you to show all teams or players for a league operator or charter holder.

You can also now click on a player or team that you follow in the Manage Notifications and it will bring you to the search page of that player or team.

Send Push Notification messages to mobile app users

You can now send a message to everyone using the app that accessed the event.  Or you can send a message to the devices that follows a specific team or player, in case you need to reach them.

You can also see how many people are using the mobile app for your event.  

Advanced Search in the event home page or Kiosks

We have improved the speed of the Advanced Search, and you can also now search by League operator or Charter holder number or id.

Board Assignment page

You can now select which fields you want to display, and you can also split a bracket in many columns with From/To different letters.


You can now move the charts with the keyboard arrows, and zoom in and out with the + and - keys.

Updated user guides

We have updated and improved our user guides for leagues and tournaments and will keep on improving them in the coming weeks.  You can download them from here : League guide and Tournament guide

Until next time!

June 29, 2015

Portal improvements

With our growing list of events, it's becoming harder to find your event, so to make it easier, we added 3 new features.


There is a new search box on the portal that allows searches for tournaments and leagues.  You can search by name, city, state, 


We also added a new Associations section that filters only the events for the selected association.   If you would like us to add your association, send us an email.

Last Week

Your event no longer moves to the history the day after it is done.  It will show up for a week in the new Last Week section.


We hope you will enjoy these improvements as much as we do!

June 15, 2015

New Features - June 2015

Here are some of the new features available now

Embed a chart on your website

You can now embed a chart on your website.  The chart is zoomable and can be dragged just like the regular chart.

From the Charts page, select the chart you want to embed and get the html code from clicking on Embed in your web site

Here is an example

Improved search for existing player

We have removed the checkbox to search in all of CompuSport.  This is now always on since the performance is so great now.  The search is also more flexible, as it now returns results that are close to what you search for.  For example. searching for B John would list B.Johnson, before the dot was necessary.

Improved charts backup

All the brackets and round-robins results and schedules are backed up as pdf files on all stations running the Print & Scan tool.  Before, only the brackets were saved on the station with the corresponding print queue.

Kiosk auto-refresh

The kiosk page is automatically refreshed if an advertising is added or removed, or if the list of division and the number of players in any division is changed.  You no longer need to go and refresh all of your kiosks.

Custom text anywhere on a bracket

Besides Bracket Lines, you can now put text anywhere on a bracket with the new Bracket Notes page.

Until our next batch of new features, we hope that you will enjoy these!

April 9, 2015

New Features April 2015

New Features April 2015

We have been very busy in the last months, and we have many new features that are now available. The highlights are the new Mobile Applications and the much improved Surfaces Scheduler, but there is something new for everyone, and this should help you save even more time using our system.

Mobile Applications

We now have applications for Android, Windows Phone and iOS.  The application allows you to follow players and teams and to receive push notifications when they win or lose, when they have a new opponent or a scheduled match, or when a bracket is made public.  You can also add custom text to these notifications.

This is just the beginning, we have many new features planned in the future.

You can download the app from these links :

New Features for the Players :

  • In the charts
    • You can now see the scoresheet of each match
    • When you click on an opponent, the button Go To Loser is now more obvious
  • Search for an opponent
    • For a player, you now see sections for all of its Teams and all the Registered divisions
    • For a team, it now shows all the team players

New Features for the Tournament Managers

New Kiosk Application

We have a new Kiosk application that replaces the old batch files.  The new Kiosk prevents the players from doing anything on the computer and requires a password to close it.  It also runs an embedded web browser, so it is not affected by any toolbars or malware that is installed on your browser.

You need to select the current event when you start it, so you don't need to download it again for a different event.

You can find it in the menu Manage => Kiosk | Scan | Print => Download Full Screen Kiosk


  • All options that affect a match or an opponent have been moved to an Options menu on the bracket, to make it quicker and remove ambiguities
  • You can quickly set a winner with one click on the bracket
  • Fast Edition - When you click an opponent, it's automatically in edit mode, so you can start typing an existing or new opponent.
  • Improved navigation between preliminary and final brackets
  • Added an advanced option to reset a bracket and remove all matches except the first round
  • Quickly Find opponent - In the search box (top right), type the name of an opponent, select it from the dropdown, and it shows you all the brackets that he is in.  Click on a bracket and it loads this bracket with the opponent highlighted.

Board Assignment Screens

  • New tool that displays opponents in a scrolling list that refreshes automatically
  • You can have 1 to many columns per screen with 1 or more bracket in each column
  • For each opponent, you can see their next match or if they are waiting for an opponent or surface

Surfaces Scheduler

  • We completely redid this tool to remove Silverlight and make it easier to use.
  • Much faster to drag now
  • Easier to see dependencies for each match
  • Keyboard shortcuts to select a round or a bracket
  • Added an option to have an empty surface between each schedule
  • Opponents never play on the same surface twice in a row
  • Can now drag more than a division at a time
  • In the division dropdown, we display when the division has been shuffled

Fill up Brackets and Round-Robins

  • We completely redid this tool to remove Silverlight and make it easier to use.
  • You can now seed more than one divisions into one bracket
  • We added an option to seed Strong vs Strong, where the each match is 2 players of equal or similar skills.

Continuous Play

  • We now prioritize players that haven't played yet because they had a bye.
  • Added an option so that opponents don't play on the same surface twice in a row

Other Improvements

  • You can now assign a Printer Queue to a room.  This allows you to have a bracket that runs in 2 rooms, and the scoresheets will always be printed in the room they play.
  • You can now add notes to Paid-Out Vouchers
  • Tie Breakers - You can now add a Head to Head field in a Stat Model.  And you can decide the fields to use in the Head to Head comparison.  For example, this allows to set the ranking in order to Score +, Head to Head, Score -.  So in case of a tie with the Score+, it will use the Head to Head, if still a tie, it will use Score -.
  • Keyboard shortcuts - We added some new keyboard shortcuts, and they are always visible by clicking on the button in the bottom left

Bonus Preview Feature - Inline Editing in Grids

In Players and Teams pages, you can now edit the custom values directly in the grid, without having to open the edit dialog for each opponent.  Also, all checkboxes in these 2 pages are not applied live anymore, you need to save to apply.  This can prevent accidental clicks.

This feature is coming to all grids in the near future.

Stay tuned for many other improvements coming up in the next few months!