Monday, June 29, 2015

Portal improvements

With our growing list of events, it's becoming harder to find your event, so to make it easier, we added 3 new features.


There is a new search box on the portal that allows searches for tournaments and leagues.  You can search by name, city, state, 


We also added a new Associations section that filters only the events for the selected association.   If you would like us to add your association, send us an email.

Last Week

Your event no longer moves to the history the day after it is done.  It will show up for a week in the new Last Week section.


We hope you will enjoy these improvements as much as we do!

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Features - June 2015

Here are some of the new features available now

Embed a chart on your website

You can now embed a chart on your website.  The chart is zoomable and can be dragged just like the regular chart.

From the Charts page, select the chart you want to embed and get the html code from clicking on Embed in your web site

Here is an example

Improved search for existing player

We have removed the checkbox to search in all of CompuSport.  This is now always on since the performance is so great now.  The search is also more flexible, as it now returns results that are close to what you search for.  For example. searching for B John would list B.Johnson, before the dot was necessary.

Improved charts backup

All the brackets and round-robins results and schedules are backed up as pdf files on all stations running the Print & Scan tool.  Before, only the brackets were saved on the station with the corresponding print queue.

Kiosk auto-refresh

The kiosk page is automatically refreshed if an advertising is added or removed, or if the list of division and the number of players in any division is changed.  You no longer need to go and refresh all of your kiosks.

Custom text anywhere on a bracket

Besides Bracket Lines, you can now put text anywhere on a bracket with the new Bracket Notes page.

Until our next batch of new features, we hope that you will enjoy these!