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The word is out!!! CompuSport updated the Player App!

CompuSport is presenting their new player app. You might have heard about it as it was out for Beta testing with a random 20% of the players using it for the past few weeks now.

The day has come to push the App to everyone. 

In with the NEW, Out with the Old.

 After 8 years of offering a free and very basic player app as a tool for the League Manager and Tournament director: CompuSport wanted to offer more to the player.

Players can still do everything from the old app

As a basic tool, everything needed to run a league or tournament is still there. But with a new layout.

With a mandatory FREE account, a player can still 

  • view his league or tournament
  • view his schedule
  • fill out scoresheets
  • consult his stats
  • receive personal notifications
  • search for a friend and see their schedule and bracket
  • change his player profile information (upload their player picture)
  • pretty much everything you could do in the old app

As for the new stuff in the FREE version

  • A new Personal Wall, that shows the most important things quickly, and allows to collapse what you don't want to see.
  • Easier communication from the manager to the players with the newsfeed to show messages, pictures and videos to the players
  • You don't need to search for previous events, they are listed in your profile
  • You can also PIN one section on your wall (like your stats, or your friend's schedule)
  • We have grouped Teams and Singles stats on the same page for improved access
  • Improved scorekeeping, you no longer need to add you as a scorekeeper, it's done automatically.  And To Dos on your wall makes you start filling up a scoresheet in one click.
  • Improved sharing on Facebook
  • You can now login or signup with your Google or Apple account
  • Improved bracket to make it easier to see the important info
Yah yah yah, there are ads. We know! It's annoying. But like many other companies we need to track revenue because we have a lot more we want to offer.

The big new features

The new app also helps for two new and VERY important features:

The new app allows an online payment feature called League Fees. A league can choose to use this new feature and allow players to pay their Registration fees, Sanction fees and Weekly Fees. No more running around to find cash or change to pay fees and no more running around collecting envelopes. This option offers the flexibility of still accepting cash for the ones that aren't ready to make the move to the 2020 sanctuary 😜!! Just teasing!!! But true!

Want to know more about the League Fees Feature.

The other feature that is working itself out in the background is the new CompuSport rating system. I say working itself out in the background because as soon as players start to merge their player profiles, this will improve their player ratings to give a more accurate CS rating but we won't make this available to the public until it is strong and solid. League coordinators and tournament directors will play a big part in this process.

Even more cool features

We wanted to bring the game further with a personalized experience by adding two Subscription plans.

An Essentials Plan that allows you to: 

  • Follow friends and family and receive notifications for them
  • Remove some of the ads
  • Add favorites for quick access to your friends, any event or division

And a Premium Plan (which we think is the best value):

  • Graphs, detailed stats and all your history.  See the evolution or your average and other stats.
  • Compare yourself to previous years or other players
  • Pin any number of sections to your wall
  • Remove all ads
  • Other things we are working on that are not quite ready

Subscribe now and you have yourself a personalized app for your Passion of Pool or Darts.

GREAT! You're ready for change? Here are answers to Frequently Ask Questions about the App.

Still improving

We are still evolving and improving the app and new features (for both free and subscriptions) will be released frequently, we are going to post any new features on this blog and Facebook.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, this will help us improve the app, so send it our way!


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