The Create My Event process is now a step-by-step!

We want to make the process of creating an event as simple as possible. You already have enough on your shoulders when you manage an event. So at least creating one will now be easier.

This will help:

1. Make sure you copy past events if that can help.

Yes! You read that right, you can copy your old event, this will save you from re-creating templates, settings, re-entering teams and players, brackets, etc.

2. Make sure you don't create multiple events as divisions.

Yap, one event with multiple divisions is the way to go.

3. Make sure you select the Operators (if applicable).

Choosing the right operator is important as it gives access to player personal information and sanctioning privileges.

4. Eliminate events created multiple times because you can't find the one you just created or creating an event per session rather then using the same event for one full league year.

The new process will suggest similar events associated to your account.

5. Ensure your billing information is correct. 

This way the invoice isn't sent to someone who is not responsible of paying.

Anyways... you get the point. We hope this will help assist each creator with the proper set up the first time.

You will also notice that the homepage has changed. It is now a Newsfeed. More posting options to better communicate, promote and inform.