Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We changed the displayed columns

Simplified data grids

Did you know you can change the order of the columns and which ones are displayed by default.

To make it less overwhelming we went from 35 columns to 8 by cleaning up what we see.
For example, in the Brackets page, we went from having more than 35 columns displayed where it looked like this (notice the scrollbar at the bottom) :

Changed to 8 columns like this :

Customizing the columns

You will probably want to customize which columns are displayed and their order.  To do so, you can click on this icon on top of any grid :

Or you can click on the last column of the grid :

 You will then get the following window :

You can click on an Eye to hide or show a column.  You can also drag a column to change the order, or select one and click on the Up and Down arrows.

Resizing the columns

You can also resize the columns by dragging the handle between each columns :

Persistent customization

All customized grids are saved for each grid for each personal account.

More to come

We have many more simplifications coming up in the next few months.  Stay tuned!