Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Feature : Embed Statistics in your website

Embed-able Statistics

You can now include your league or round-robin statistics into your website, blog or app.  It is always up to date, no need to upload a new pdf every week anymore!

Here is an example :

You can embed the stats for a pre-defined stats group, or you can include the drop-down so the user can select any stat group.

To embed your stats, go to Statistics Teams or Statistics Players and click on "Embed to your website".  Then copy the html into your website and you should be good to go!  To embed a single stat group, select it before clicking on "Embed to your website"!

Embed-able Brackets and Round-Robins

We added this feature a while ago, but here is a reminder that you can also embed a bracket or a round-robin into your website.

To embed your bracket or round-robin, go to Charts (Brackets/RRB), select the division and bracket you want to embed and click on "Embed to your website".  Then copy the html into your website and you should be good to go!

More things to embed?

Let us know if there are more things that you would like to embed, this will help us to prioritize them!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Features January-February 2016

New Features January-February 2016

Features for Users

Facebook Login

It's never been easier to create an account with CompuSport. You can now use your Facebook login to sign up. Players will be able to add tournaments and leagues to their favorites, get notifications, etc. Easy ScoreKeeper sign ups. It is a one click access to your account.

Team Rosters

Anyone can access tournament results by clicking on a tournament and selecting Get results and brackets by divisions. Awards for players and teams is available. You can now see team rosters when checking out awards.

Features for Managers/Operators

Copying Events

You are having your 5th annual tournament!?!?! It's basically the same as last year!?!?! Let's save your some TIME. Managers can create events by copying past event information. Locations, Divisions, Brackets, Publicities, etc. can be copied from last year.
Go to Manage, Event, Create my Event, Choose a past event, Copy it, Change the necessary information, select the sections you want copied from your past event. and CREATE!!

For more information, contact us via email at info@compusport.us or by phone at 888-888-0206.
Visit CompuSport https://compusport.us